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Chronic disease management at EAU Claire Cooperative Health Centers in South Carolina

Chronic Disease Management

The physicians at Eau Claire Cooperative Health Center (ECCHC) are prepared to help patients with all types of chronic disease. A chronic condition requires ongoing treatment and monitoring; in other words, there is no cure. Many patients with chronic illnesses have multiple conditions. Our approach to chronic disease management rests on a healthy patient-doctor relationship.

Medical providers who treat chronic disease at ECCHC strive to educate their patients and provide ways for patients to self-manage their disease. Many aspects of self-care are emphasized, such as nutrition, emotional health, sleep quality, and overall well-being. Our providers are committed to spending sufficient time with each patient to address health concerns in-depth and provide the best possible care.

Common chronic diseases we treat include:

Chronic disease management works best when a patient and doctor can work together. At Eau Claire Cooperative Health Center, our internal medicine physicians are excellent at what they do, and they genuinely love helping patients with chronic illnesses find a better way to live.

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